About EDU alumni

Remember to join our Facebook group, to get information about upcoming events. Alumni is latin for ‘former student’ and EDU alumni concerns you who have graduated from Uppsala university’s teacher training program or are about to graduate. We aim to provide you with inspiration, opportunities for professional networking and a chance to strengthen your teacher profession. 

Via EDU alumni, you can maintain your connection to Uppsala university and former fellow students. This platform for exchange of knowledge and experience enables our members to meet colleagues with different ages, nationalities and subjects.

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Alumni portrait

  • Intervju med Helena Påls, adjungerad adjunkt och medlem i EDU Alumn

  • Intervju med Olov Wingård, lärarstudent och medlem i EDU Alumn

  • Intervju med skådespelaren Emma Molin, specialinbjuden gäst

  • Intervju med Amanda Wallmon, lärare och medlem i EDU alumn

  • Intervju med Antonio Basala, Fredens hus, medlem i EDU Alumn


EDU alumni arrange reunions where education and learning can be discussed from a different point of view. Our gatherings are inspiring and easy-going; we combine free dinners and mingle with our guests who are working with some kind of education – however not always in schools. During 2018 we got to listen to a Dagens Nyheter correspondent, Erik de la Reguera who discussed the dilemma of at the same time being a professional writer and a fellow human, when meeting people migrants in need. Another guest that have attended our gathering is Emma Molin, an actor and scriptwriter that discussed how education and entertainment could overlap. 

Besides our reunions, we promote lectures and other activities that could be interesting to our alumni and we invite alumni to return to our teacher training programs for lecturing. 


EDU alumni is coordinated by Per Wingård, who works at Forum for Community Engagement (Forum för samverkan). If you have any questions, please contact Per Wingård